Blind Tiger Communications

Wireless Security, Phones and Drones

Wireless Cyber Security, Phones and Drones

Blind Tiger Products are based on our network implementation of GSM, UMTS, LTE and WiFi protocols.

Beyond typical

Perimeter Protection

Blind Tiger provides Mobile Soap as a way to manage access to sensitive areas that can span from a room to a campus, mounted in vehicles or with dismounted troops.  

Proven Success

Managed Access

Managed Access of the spectrum is the act of identifying and controlling (allow/deny) known and unknown devices. We have successfully implemented Managed Access in a commercial environment.

See the Invisible

Detect and Defeat

WiFi UAS/Drones provide nearly no evidence of their presence. We can detect, identify, notify and disabled drones with our Counter UAS strategy.

Phone, Drone Defense

Watch how the system self configures then detects, identifies and disables Phones & Drones & WiFi


Our work with the government surrounding wireless security protecting forward operating bases (FOB's), missile silos, and convoys through hostile environments while maintaining communications is just beginning. Our unamious selection form over 400 companies by the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence to discuss and present our wireless securitiy solutions to them at their meetings coming up.

Corporate Security

Corporations have POLICIES that ban cell phone and electronics in their restricted areas, but, they have NO way to enforce these policies....Until now. Blind Tiger provides wireless security against unauthorized devices from entering your vital areas such as R&D, Server, and SCIFs. Ask DRAPER Labs how we are securing their entire facility.

Prison System

Prisons still have ongoing issues with contraband cell phones as well as drones. We have operated in the most difficult RF environments, including Dense Urban RF enviornments covering all 4G/LTE, 3G/HSPA, 2G/GMS, CDMA successfully. Leadership is allowed to communicate, everyone else is denied, without jamming. Jamming is indiscriminate, and kills when communications is needed. Do you want your leadership to be able to provide vital details in time of an emergency? Contact us for details


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John Giatropoulos

VP Engineering

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Business Development

Latest News

Awarded 2015, 2016, & 2017 DoD BAA RIF's for wireless security

Blind Tiger Communications is the Department of Defense RIF 2015, 2016 & 2017 BAA RIF Selection for new, warfighter required features of Managed Access of Mobile/Wireless Communications (Cellular & C-UAS)

Selected into the US Air Force, AFWERX 2018 Counter UAS Techstars Accelerator

"Blind Tiger technology is a rare and valuable addition to our portfolio of counter-drone technologies." says Warren Katz, Managing Director of Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator with the US Air Force, "We found Blind Tiger's mastery and control of the cellular communication space to be best-of-breed among competing companies that applied to our program."

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence

Unamiously selected from over 400 companies which applied, Blind Tiger will present our wireless security solution for mission critical environments to OUSDI at their May meetings for inclusion into their warfighter portfolio.