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Wireless Cyber Security against Phones and Drones

Wireless Cyber Security, Phones and Drones

Interception and Identification Not Jamming
In its simplest application, a communication umbrella is created around your vital area allowing mobile devices that are vetted by your company access to the wireless network and work unimpeded (Cellular/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) while denying nefarious (Phones & Drones) devices access to the network all while under the Blind Tiger security umbrella.

Beyond typical

Wireless Protection

Providing wireless security solutions for mission critical environments a multi-layered security architecture within a facility as well as perimeter protection requires a detailed look at the attack surface across both the physical and environmental landscape. Filling the wireless environmental component within the risk management framework is woefully lacking an automated, and reliable spectrum management security platform protection of wireless devices including UAS’s. Blind Tigers security platform provides the ability to detect, identify, locate and a 1 'click' denial of wireless devices providing foremost perimeter protection across areas of responsibilities.

Proven Success

Managed Access

In its simplest application, a conceptual communication umbrella is created around your vital area selectively allowing wireless devices that are vetted by your company access to the macro wireless network unimpeded while disabling unknown devices denying access to the wireless environment while under the Blind Tiger security umbrella.

This process is known as managed access.
  • Licensed (Cell Phone) and Unlicensed (WiFi) protection
  • Detect, Identify and Locate the devices (UAS/Phone)
  • Intelligently decipher between devices
  • Disable non-vetted devices
  • Vetted devices can operate unfettered

See the Invisible

No Wireless Experience Required

The auto-configuration nature of the system removes the need of a cellular subject matter expert. Just apply power and you are protected from Phones, Drones, and even Rogue Cellular Basestations. As part of the overall wireless cyber protection of the spectrum, WIDDS provides both Line of Sight (LOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Counter UAS capabilities that provide the detection, identification and defeat of vetted and non-vetted UAS’s. As the UAS market transition from LOS command and control of the UAS to cellular controlled UAS; we have that covered across all OCONUS and CONUS frequency bands and technologies - protecting your investment in spectrum security of sensitive areas.

Drone Defense

Blind Tiger monitors the global wireless environment, detecting and identifying various protocols that are present. This include Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols. Each of these well-known consumer communication protocols have command and control protocols embedded within enablng the remote control and aircraft to exchange information and operate. By monitoring the wireless communications, decoding the protocols extracting the identifiers Blind Tiger is uniquely positioned to allow the device to operate if known, otherwise initiate a kill sequence send the device back to its home, creating an umbrella around your facility.


Stadiums, Parks, Domes, Subways, Critical Infrastructure all are at risk from wireless devices. Wireless devices such as Phones and Drones are capable of transporting, detonating and triggering explosives. These events have already occured in Venezula with an attempted assassination the president, the Russians used a drone to set off weeks long explosions by crossing borders and dropping thermite on a Ukraining Ammo depot, in U.S. and Global Prisons contraband such as noves, drugs and phones are dropped by drones. A $200 Drone in the vicinty of an airport can destroy millions of dollars worth of airplanes and take human life.

Unfortunately for the security professionals, jamming the spectrum will do more harm than good, and wireless devices do not have tracers in which the public can see the transmission. Blind Tiger doesnt jam the spectrum to alievate the wireless cyber security issues, jamming kills and its indiscriminate. Blind Tiger detects the devices and performs a cyber style attack against these wireless devices disabling or forcing them back to where they came from. We implement multiple "geo fences" at a staggered distance from the critical asset, providing early warning notifications, escalating notifications until the kill sequence is under way, securing your critical infrastructure and assets.

Corporate Security

SCIFs, R&D, Financials, Board Rooms, Hospitals.

Does your company have a 'No Electronics Beyond This Point' policy? How do they enforce the policy?

Blind Tigers' Board Room Assurance product enforces your corporate policies protecting against Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless devices. Corporate espionage by U.S. adversaries is spiking, lurking around U.S Corporations providing ususpecting guests, employees an unecrypted, open 'Hot Spot' masqurading as your corporate network. Your guests and employees mistakenly attach to the infected access point unknowningly downloading viruses, malware and trojans that are brought into your corporate environment.

You spend a lot of time, resources protecting and hardening your wired networks -- but do you know who your real estate next door neighbors are, and what type of wireless signals they are transmitting? How about the guy in the car across the street? Blind Tiger can detect, identify and disable the rogue, nefarious wireless servers that can and will launch a wireless cyber attack against your assets.

Prison System


Chuck Bokath

CEO Chuck Bokath, founder and subject matter expert of wireless security was a Principal Research Engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute initially created a mobile phone system for wireless security research for the DoD and the US carriers. Bokath commercialized the system and built the technology and company to its current state, with complete ownership of the IP and source code. Blind Tiger’s Wireless Intrusion Detect Defeat System (WIDDS) creates a Cellular, Wi-Fi detection and Counter sUAS system which integrates and builds on the previous successful managed access platform creating a self-configuring, automated enterprise system that manages access of the wireless devices under the security umbrella of FOB as a complete 360-degree wireless alerting, and defense system. Blind Tiger was selected to participate and graduated from the 2018 inaugural AFWERX technology Counter UAS/Autonomous Technology Accelerator in Boston, MA representing the Managed Airspace defending against asymmetric wireless threats.

John Giatropoulos

VP Engineering

Gary Shotwell

Business Development

Latest News

2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 DoD BAA RIF Selection

Blind Tiger Communications is the Department of Defense RIF 2015 & 2016 BAA RIF Selection for improved features of Managed Access of Mobile/Wireless Communications, Counter Drone in both Line of Sight, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (Cellular). 2019 SBIR Selection to protect DoD Air Base & Air Ports. 2019 Contract Awardee for dynamic cellular triggered IED & Overhead UAS drone protection of convoys through hostile territory

Cleaning up prisons with Mobile Soap

Blind Tiger has been vetted by real world prison implementation, US SOUTHCOM Projects, and various Offsite Testing and Experiments

Accepted into the 2018 Techstars Accelerator

Blind Tiger is proud to be a part of the 2018 Tech Stars Accelerator in Boston, Massachusetts.