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Wireless Cyber Security, Phones and Drones

Interception and Identification Not Jamming
Working with Authorities, Blind Tiger provides a Signal Intellifence, Electronic Warfare platofrm that provides security against Phones, Drones: For government, public, private companies who need a ‘1-Click’ web based wireless command, control and communications solution implementing wireless cyber defense (phones, drones) in vital areas such national infrastructure/critical infrastructure, military, prisons, research and development laboratories. Blind Tiger Communication offers a wireless cyber-security solution which detects, identifies and manages wireless device access across all cellular(2G/3G/4G+), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies in one system without the heavy infrastructure where all you need is to apply power and watch it self-configure then operate without the need for a wireless subject matter expert knowing you are protected - rest assured.
In its simplest application, a communication umbrella is created around your vital area allowing mobile devices that are vetted by your company access to the wireless network and work unimpeded (Cellular/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) while denying nefarious (Phones & Drones) devices access to the network all while under the Blind Tiger security umbrella.

Beyond typical

Wireless Protection

Providing wireless security solutions for mission critical environments a multi-layered security architecture within a facility as well as perimeter protection requires a detailed look at the attack surface across both the physical and environmental landscape. Filling the wireless environmental component within the risk management framework is woefully lacking an automated, and reliable spectrum management security platform protection of wireless devices including UAS’s. Blind Tigers security platform provides the ability to detect, identify, locate and a 1 'click' denial of wireless devices providing foremost perimeter protection across areas of responsibilities.

Proven Success

Managed Access

In its simplest application, a conceptual communication umbrella is created around your vital area selectively allowing wireless devices that are vetted by your company access to the macro wireless network unimpeded while disabling unknown devices denying access to the wireless environment while under the Blind Tiger security umbrella. We act as the wireless gatekeeper to your facility.

This process is known as managed access.
  • Licensed (Cell Phone) and Unlicensed (WiFi) protection
  • Detect, Identify and Locate the devices (UAS/Phone)
  • Intelligently decipher between devices
  • Disable non-vetted devices
  • Vetted devices can operate unfettered

See the Invisible

No Wireless Experience Required

The auto-configuration nature of the system removes the need of a cellular subject matter expert. Just apply power and you are protected from Phones, Drones, and even Rogue or "Fake" Cellular base stations. As part of the overall wireless cyber protection of the spectrum, WIDDS provides both Line of Sight (LOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Counter UAS capabilities that provide the detection, identification and defeat of vetted and non-vetted UAS’s. As the UAS market transition from LOS command and control of the UAS to cellular controlled UAS; we have that covered across all OCONUS and CONUS frequency bands and technologies - protecting your investment in spectrum security of sensitive areas.

Drone Defense

Blind Tiger monitors the global wireless environment, detecting and identifying various protocols that are present. This include Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols. Each of these well-known consumer communication protocols have command and control protocols embedded within enabling the remote control and aircraft to exchange information and operate. By monitoring the wireless communications, decoding the protocols extracting the identifiers Blind Tiger is uniquely positioned to allow the device to operate if known, otherwise initiate a kill sequence send the device back to its home, creating an umbrella around your facility.


Stadiums, Parks, Domes, Subways, Critical Infrastructure all are at risk from wireless devices. Wireless devices such as Phones and Drones are capable of transporting, detonating and triggering explosives. These events have already occurred in Venezuela with an attempted assassination the president, the Russians used a drone to set off weeks long explosions by crossing borders and dropping thermite on a Ukraine ammo depot, in U.S. and Global Prisons contraband such as knives, drugs and phones are dropped by drones. A $200 Drone in the vicinity of an airport can destroy millions of dollar's worth of airplanes and take human life.

Unfortunately for the security professionals, jamming the spectrum will do more harm than good, and wireless devices do not have tracers in which the public can see the transmission. Blind Tiger doesn't jam the spectrum to alleviate the wireless cyber security issues, jamming kills and its indiscriminate. Blind Tiger detects the devices and performs a cyber style attack against these wireless devices disabling or forcing them back to where they came from. We implement multiple "geo fences" at a staggered distance from the critical asset, providing early warning notifications, escalating notifications until the kill sequence is under way, securing your critical infrastructure and assets.

Corporate Security

SCIFs, R&D, Financials, Board Rooms, Hospitals.

Does your company have a 'No Electronics Beyond This Point' policy? How do they enforce the policy?

Blind Tigers' Board Room Assurance product enforces your corporate policies protecting against Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless devices. Corporate espionage by U.S. adversaries is spiking, lurking around U.S Corporations providing unsuspecting guests, employees an unencrypted, open 'Hot Spot' masquerading as your corporate network. Your guests and employees mistakenly attach to the infected access point unknowingly downloading viruses, malware and trojans that are brought into your corporate environment.

You spend a lot of time, resources protecting and hardening your wired networks -- but do you know who your real estate next door neighbors are, and what type of wireless signals they are transmitting? How about the guy in the car across the street? Blind Tiger can detect, identify and disable the rogue, nefarious wireless servers that can and will launch a wireless cyber-attack against your assets.

Prison Systems

Blind Tiger got its start securing Georgias Urban, Max Security Facilities in which we demonstrated precise control of the wireless signal. When the Governor of Georgia gave the his approval, we took our System that was originally designed for Managed Access on the battle field protecting the war fighter into the commercial realm. As soon as we setup in the facilty we did several operations. #1 We did a monitoring operation to understand how many cellular devices where inside the facility, and found 47% of the inmates had cellular devices. #2, We did a complete shutdown of the facility, while allowing leadershp the ability to communicate. Suppression Image#3, In order to show that we can control behavior and modify the behavior within the facility we allowed AT&T cell phones to operate, while denying the rest. ATT Usage UpWhat we found was interesting. Inmates where selling their "non-operational" phones to the new inmates arriving attempting to get money back from the phones that now, somehow didnt work...And the AT&T phones, which once where seldom used due to the price point where now increasing in quantity because they where the ones that Blind Tiger allowed to work.

Bokath Pix

Chuck Bokath

President Chuck Bokath, founder of Blind Tiger and subject matter expert in wireless security, has 30+ years of experience spanning commercial, academic, and military organizations. Bokath's start includes working with the early USA commercial carriers, developing the features we all use today in what was then called an "Intelligent Network" with necessary network signaling, while the ten years in academia working as a Principal Research Engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute creating the wireless security lab was filled with thought leadership experiences including chairman of TIA - the North American Standards committee on Machine to Machine (M2M) Security architecture and standards across tiny to large IOT devices with this North American standard folding into the 3GPP Global Standards. While working as a security subject matter expert for the CTIA - the cellular ecosystem representative to federal agencies involved in regulating wireless activities, Bokath created a mobile phone system (now Blind Tiger) to perform wireless security research. The efforts were the basis for vulnerability reports to the FCC and Congress to protect the US telecom critical infrastructure. Bokath, as a thought leader in the cellular ecosystem, wrote many papers on E-911 current capabilities for the FCC, FTC, "Privacy and Security Implications of the Internet of Things" and security related presentations to the US Congress, lecturing and creating security and electronic warfare curriculums for continuing education courses at Georgia Tech and the Ministry of Defenses internationally, and has been featured in the New York Times - picked up by primary news sources globally, television and radio appearances on CNN, CBS Radio and provided consulting services for wealth management firms, corporations.
John Pix

John Giatropoulos

VP Engineering John Giatropoulos, "Tropo" is a seasoned entrepreneur creating and selling his company before coming and working with Blind Tiger. Tropos mastered his engineering skills working in multiple industries in the late 90s and early 2000's eventually hired by Chuck in 2007 for another company as a Senior Engineer. Together Chuck and John increased the EBDITA of the company by a multiple of 3, positioning that company for a strong sell of the company, then on to start other bleeding edge companies.
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Keith Jones

Vice President Security Programs
Keith is a seasoned security professional and a national security expert. He previously led security operations for over a decade as a prime contractor for the Trident Weapons System, which is the U.S. and British's primary submarine-launched nuclear ballistic missile fleet. Throughout his career, Keith has provided security solutions for over 500 National Security programs classified up to the Top-Secret level. He has a history of delivering holistic security programs that align with company strategy and have proven to reduce and eliminate risk. These programs also derived significant bottom-line savings, added measurable business value, created the desired employee culture, and increased company prestige. Keith is a five-time nominee and recipient of the James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award.

Latest News

Silent Swarm 2024

Combining the documented success of the African Lion and Trident Spectre, the US Navy offered an invitation to Blind Tiger for participation in Silent Swarm 2024. This event focuses on experimenting with Electromagnetic Spectrum Operation (EMSO) related capabilities employed from small unmanned systems. We will include all of Drone Rupture's capabilities mounted on multiple Drones, demoing each Drone Rupture unit's ability to survey, de-conflict, and self optimize creating offensive and defensive postures simultaneously as a cooperative, meshed system within a swarm configuration, providing cellular operations at altitude.

See Here: Silent Swarm Press Release

Trident Spectre 2023

Coming off African Lion 2022 Success, we accepted an invitation to Trident Spectre, the Naval Special Warfare Innovation Proving Ground and its Special Operation Forces and the National Security Community combing operational technical and Intelligence resources for integration into government programs. Drone Rupture with great interest by the spectators was successfully assessed across our capability set including the "drop and go" capability - surveyed the incumbent networks across 2,3 and 4G technologies utilizing Artificial Intelligence to create clandestine networks that seamlessly blended into the spectral environment and severed the communication links of all devices including BLOS UAS, Tracking (GPS Level), transmitting welcome text messages in 3 forms: Free Form Broadcast CMAS, Std Text Message and "Ghost" Text messages. We also showed the Managed Access ability disabling Apple Devices versus all others, and particular target phones that we turned off, then back on. Additionally, we provided external phone connections from inside Drone Rupture dialing out to external phones, and reversal of dialing outside to the inside texting included. We gained many new government contacts, and positoned ourselves favorably moving forward to defending our clients area of interests globally.


Drone Rupture, Blind Tigers Flagship Counter UAS product which implements the cyber security industries leading Managed Access solution for all Wireless protocols including Cellular protection partnered with North African, NATO and US troops to successfully detect, identify, locate and mitigate all Wi-Fi and Cellular enabled Drones. Drone Rupture provides both defensive and offensive cyber operations that filtered through 480 anonymous live, wireless devices; identifying threat devices and mitigating those devices - never reaching the target. The graph below shows what a cellular enabled drone "saw" as viable cellular networks; and the number of times it connected with Drone Rupture, only to be disabled by Blind Tigers proprietary cellular technology.

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Blind Tiger Partners with Digital Security Solutions for LATAM marketing, distribution and funding

Blind Tiger is proud to be entering a strategic partnership with DSS Corp for Latin America. DSS Corp. oversees and assesses potential business opportunities, supports projects, and the distribution channels for Blind Tiger Communications products and their security solutions in the Latin America Region. Working with DSS Corp. we can fund your projects with Blind Tiger's products and services for the government and the commercial sector.

US Air Force Base Of The Future Selection Finalist

AFWERX, the catalyst for fostering innovation within the U.S. Air Force, announced Blind Tiger Communications as one of the top participating teams selected from across the globe - North America, Europe, Austraila, Germany and NATO coutnries competing to build the Base of the Future Challenge. This challenge was focused on Air Force bases with perimeters that require safeguarding from threats such as unauthorized or attempted illegal entry, active shooters, explosives, cyber risks and many other potential threats. Security was defined as the ability to identify these threats, to understand their intent or purpose, to choose the appropriate type of response, and execute that response to deter or neutralize the threat; Integrated Defense Effects.

U.S. Army Selects Blind Tiger for Integration Into its Common Operational Picture

Blind Tiger Communications has been selected to integrate its Cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities into the Army's Program of Record Command and Control System allowing first responders, and the DoD to operate Mobile Soap, Drone Rupture from their common operational picture (COP) as a key component in the "system of systems" architectural buildout.

2019 DoD BAA RIF Selection For AFRICOM C-UAS and Cellular Control Drones

Blind Tiger Communications has won the Managed Access Cellular and WiFi project from the Department of Defense Rapid Innovation Fund to protect the horn of Africa. By using our award winning, patented cellular managed access tied together with our ability to Detect, Identify, and Defeat (if necessary) DJI line of, and the rest of the nuisance drone market. The next generation of Drones will be controlled by cell phones. This called Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). This contract reaffirms Blind Tigers Architecture against ALL wireless devices.

2018 Counter UAS DoD Winner

Building on Blind Tiger expertise in wireless devices, Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth devices the Department of Defense awarded a year program to solve the warfighter problems reported from overseas -- DJI Drones. The issue is that different from other drones, the DJI line of drones doesn't provide a clear, human discernable RF signature. Not anymore! Blind Tiger has successfully been able through AI technology to take a fine comb and parse through the wireless spectrum and using Common Off The Shelf (COTS) devices detect, and disable DJI, plus the rest of the drone market.

Managed Access for Cellular, WiFi and now BLUETOOTH

Blind Tiger is excited to introduce a needed solution for restricted areas that need to have enforcement to the corporations' policies, by not only self-configuring defending against Cellular Frequencies and WiFi, but now BLUETOOTH. Blue tooth devices such watches that use Bluetooth. This is a ground-breaking solution for the Department of Defense, Defense Contractors, and Corporations that forbid wireless devices in restricted areas such as SCIF's, Research and Development, Financials, Pharmaceuticals -- any were you have priceless intellectual property!

2018 Dynamic Protection in Hostile Cellular Environments

Blind Tiger wins an Department of Defense "OTA" Contract to Protect Convoys as they traverse through unknown cellular environments, ripe for Cellular Triggered Improvised Explosive Devices (Cellular IEDs). By using our patented technology which doesn't require ANY cellular or wireless experience, just provide power to the system, the system self-configures and immediately provides a security "bubble" around your facility, or in this case ... a Humvee.

Accepted into the 2018 Techstars Accelerator

Blind Tiger is proud to be a part of, and graduate from the Inaugural 2018 Tech Stars Accelerator in Boston, Massachusetts. The program provided invaluable vetting with a discerning eye for quality leading towards a path to secure the war fighter as wireless threats continue to amass as unvetted drones, and phones only grow in numbers and nefarious objectives

Cleaning up prisons with Mobile Soap

Blind Tiger has successfully secured prisons in CLOSED (Max Security) disabling LTE, 3G UMTS, GSM and CDMA phones across all mobile phone carriers in a URBAN environment. While detecting, identifying and disabling the inmate phones, the homes across the street where not affected, and prison leadership was able to use their state issued phones. JAMMING wireless communications is indiscriminate killing Correctional Officers and any one inside the facility acting in a law enforcement position. You need Blind Tigers' solution. Call for a 3-month pilot to see for yourself the safety and return on investment that Blind Tiger can provide for your facilities.

2017 US Southern Command Selection for Managed Access Winner

Terrorism, Narcos and Human Trafficking are main problems in Central America, US Southern Command awarded a contract to Blind Tiger -- to automate their process of Cellular Managed Access, to the end goal of widely deploying the system without the need for a Cellular expert to setup a cellular base station across 4 generations to attract, identify, vet and if necessary - disable wireless devices.